I’m Megan, welcome to my home

Welcome to Boo Boo’s Bakery! Here you will find recipes that are vegan, plant-focused and made with simple ingredients. I strive to produce recipes that are completely made from plants and contain zero processed ingredients, however, it’s hard to resist a baked good or pasta dish every once in a while.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a passion for cooking and baking. Growing up my dad and I would make dinner together on Sundays, typically pasta or homemade pizzas, and I would bake something special for dessert, usually a carrot cake (by the way, you should totally check out my Raw Mini Carrot Cake recipe). My grandma, who’s from Italy, lives in the kitchen, and I’m fortunate enough to say that I grew up on her traditional cooking. I’m convinced RedBull courses through her veins. To me, she is the ‘Godfather’ of food, and I like to think that I take after her.

My mom made the switch to vegetarianism in 2009, and shortly thereafter I did too. I fully transitioned to a plant-based diet in 2019. It hasn’t been just a change of diet, but a change of lifestyle. I am so excited to share the endless possibilities of a plant-based diet and just how versatile and delicious it can be, all the while being incredibly healthy and nutritious. I hope to share my recipes in great detail so that you can easily try, enjoy and share them!